History of Prostitution

According to history, prostitution started in the 18th century, but is said to be one the oldest professions after hunting and gathering.In order to show a warm welcome, women were required to have sex with a man from a foreign country, this was know as sacred prostitution. Babylon was were this practice mostly took place. Greece Very early on Greeks allowed sex trading, of which there were threes types: pornai or slave prostitutes, free street and third class which were educated entertainers known as heteara. Affordable prostitutes were offered in ancient Greek and Roman times by the government that continued to keep the trade legal and monitored tax. Biblically, prostitution is seen when Tamar pretends to be a prostitute in genesis. Standing with faces covered in Israel women would wait for travelers who could pay them with valuables. Most temple prostitutes were male in the cannan religion to please ashtart the goddess. Still very early in the bible appears Rahab the prostitute who helped spies from Israel to hide. America Prostitutes were part of some of the earliest settlers to America. This was because as a colonized country, the French government sent French women by ship to America to marry the free men there but when they got there they preferred to go into sex trade instead of forced marriages so they would be more independent.Religious and political leaders allowed this trade and had controlled buildings called cihuacalli that had rooms where the business could only take place. Asia Male and female prostitution was very popular in Kyoto, Osaka and Japan by the 17th century. Qirans were women who used music, art and dance before sex to entertain the wealthy men, these women were also considered very fashionable. In order to prevent rape and sodomy prostitution was allowed while sex outside of marriage was looked down on.The governments also benefited from this trade because most brothels would pay taxes. Illegalization of Sex Trade Due to a syphilis outbreak during the middle ages many people lost their lives. Religious campaigns against prostitution started, Prophet Mohammed declared it forbidden and sinful in the 7th century and even Hinduism was against it. The catholic pope ordered that all women caught practicing this trade be put to death. French police began to monitor the trade after prostitution was abolished there.In early 1900s many countries had a sexual offence act put in place and brothels and escort in the city of London became illegal. Though sex trade is still very common nowadays, it is illegal and done in secret.There are few places where prostitution is allowed and even then they have designated areas mostly called red light district for example new Orleans in USA. Modern Day escorts and the differences between them and early prostitution In our modern world there are agencies that provide customers with companions’ male or female called Cheap heathrow escorts or call girls but not for sexual purposes. Through the agency the client will meet at the customer’s place. Sometimes a tourist will need someone to keep them company in a foreign land. There are clients who need a companion to attend functions with them.There are some things that differentiate call girls and prostitutes; · Prostitutes are hired strictly to offer sexual services but call girls offer other services unless they choose to have sex with the client. · Sometimes call girls will be hired for long periods of time and may even get to travel with customers. · In order to serve clients escorts need to be literate to carry on intelligent conversations. · Different from prostitution, escorts are legal and use contracts. · Agencies who need call girls are able to advertise in dailies and magazines while using websites for their clients to pick their own escorts. Highly paid and able to negotiate for more makes escorts more sophisticated.